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We are a Power-Couple pouring out effort and energy to balance life's high's and low's.  

Bubbyandhoneysbuzz.com is a multi-content site

of our lessons learned, trials, success, and fun. We

are glad that you are here, because we are proud

to share our learning moments with you. 

Join us on our journey of finding Real Solutions to Real Life Issues.


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Welcome to Bubby and Honey's Buzz!  

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**New Video:  My Family Forest**

An expression of appreciation for my

chosen family. 


"Rhymes For A Reason" 

Visual Poem Videos

A series of therapeutic expression videos. I created these poetic videos as a coping mechanism for  stress, family matters, health and  other external stressors that I share  to encourage others that may face similar challenges.  


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New: My Family Forest


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New: Skates Vs' Hover Board Challenge

Growing Up Alo

New: High Energy Kid Intervention

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